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Losing My Religion:

Acts 17:22, Paul’s indictment to Athens was “In all things you are very religious.” There is a difference between religion and relationship. Religiousity makes the Word of God of no effect and emphasizes man’s traditions, ceremonies, rituals and superstitions. God desires to speak to us spirit to spirit and heart to heart. This powerful serieswill distinguish man’s customs and God’s Way and provide practical steps to strengthen your relationship with Him.

The Merismos:

God’s divine plan is to merismos us. He desires to order our lives so the Spirit man rules the house. Believers can be victorious over the dictates of the soul and gratifications of the flesh. You do not have to be confused and conflicted. Become pneumatikos men and women – Spirit-led and soul whole.

The Purpose & Value of the Anointing:

This teaching series will provoke you to mature in your understanding of the power and purpose of the anointing and discover the prerequisites for its operation and unhindered flow in your life. Most importantly, you will learn the keys to cultivate an atmosphere conducive for this transforming power to be in full demonstration.