Ministry Outreaches Of

Kingdom Life Christian Church

COMPLETE (Singles Ministry)

This ministry is designed for single adults 18 through seniors. This includes the divorced, widowed and the single parent. Our purpose is to help single people develop godly relationships and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Our aim is to empower and connect singles to their dreams and visions through fellowshipping with each other. We gather each month for recreational and social events.

Teen Ministry

This ministry is designed to empower teens to be productive in life and to pursue purpose. Teens have very unique challenges. This ministry is designed to provide an atmosphere that specifically addresses these challenges through the use of many different ministry forums. Our aim is to provide practical instructions that teach teens how to be independent of peer pressure and dependently Christian Sons and Daughters, students and friends.

Joshua Generation

Preschool (3-5) & Primary (6-8) children's church meet on the 1st & 2nd Sundays of the month. The juniors (9-12) meet on the 3rd & 4th Sunday's. This ministry is designed to provide basic Biblical teachings to children in an age specific environment.

Women of Faith

This ministry is designed to empower women to be productive in life and to pursue destiny. Women have very unique struggles that only other women can understand. WOF is designed to facilitate discussion groups, fellowships and support networks for women.

Family Assistance Team (FAT)

This ministry is designed to strengthen the family unit. Our elders oversee the families to ensure that there is no neglect within the church. They are responsible for providing for fellowships, counseling and referrals. They are the first point of contact for the families of the church.

Man to Man

This ministry is designed to address the specific struggles of men. We provide an atmosphere for men to be free to share with confidentiality. We also provide practical instructions on how to be good Christian fathers, husbands, spiritual leaders and providers.

Millennials 4 Christ (M4C)

Millennials 4 Christ is a ministry designed to create a sense of Christian community within the Millennial generation. We aim to provide an atmosphere for growth in Christ through monthly interactive bible study & quarterly social events.

Heart2Heart Couples Ministry:

The Goal of H2H is to become Power Partners in the Kingdom of God. To protect the Institution of Marriage. To build strong families. To, love one another as Christ loved the church. Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

H2H Objectives are to:
  • To communicate and fellowship with other covenant couples.
  • To share testimonies and experiences with other couples experiencing similar challenges.
  • To problem solve martial challenges within the body of Christ.
  • To encourage couples to communicate about and make necessary changes within the relationship.