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Covenant Connections International

What Is Covenant Connections International (CCI)? Covenant Connections International is an organization founded by Bishop Nate Holcomb in an effort to provide a spiritual covering producing active and ongoing communication and unity among its apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers. In doing so harmony will ensure that CCI and its membership speak as one bringing glory to God through Christ Jesus.


CCI was birthed as a result of Bishop Holcomb’s move into the office of Bishop in 1987. His mandate as given by the Holy Spirit is to provide a personal, spiritual connection, vis-à-vis, Father to son/son to father, to CCI members. This connection will result in pastor being able to better serve their congregations or minister in a more excellent manner and to walk in integrity and truth.

CCI purposes to bring each member into a deeper relationship and understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit through living the Spirit-filled life and preaching the full gospel message. Although CCI believes that its membership should be in full agreement with each article of its statement of faith, thus promoting harmony among its membership, it recognizes that initially upon joining, there might be differences in doctrine and understanding of Scriptural references to the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and operations of the Spirit. These differences will serve as a means to bring knowledge and understanding of the present-day work of the Holy Spirit so that there can be personal growth and increase in the apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, and teacher.

About Bishop Holcomb

Bishop and Pastor Nate Holcomb received Christ in 1977. In the year of 1981 the Holy Spirit directed him to establish the The Christian House of Prayer in Killeen, Texas (“A Church For All People”). Later, Sonship School of the Firstborn (school for those called to the five-fold ministry), It’s All About Him (Television and Radio Broadcast), Refuge Corporation (community outreach), Covenant Savings Federal Credit Union, just to name a few entities, were established. Bishop Holcomb received his bishopric in 1988. He is the presiding bishop of Covenant Connections International (an affiliation of churches and evangelistic ministries). He is a compassionate and devoted husband, father, grandfather, Pastor, and Bishop.

About Pastor Valerie Holcomb

Valerie Holcomb is the wife of Nathaniel Holcomb, Pastor and Bishop of the The Christian House of Prayer in Killeen, Texas. She is the mother of four children and grandmother of ten. Valerie Ivy Holcomb is a down to earth woman and is touched by the acquaintances she makes in the ministry. She is motivated when growth takes place in a person’s life through God’s Word. Her message is a message of self-evaluation.

The Word of God that she ministers causes people to make mid-term corrections because of her own willingness to be transparent before them. As an Elder, God has given her insight for oversight. As the wife of a Pastor/Bishop, she has a heart for God’s people and has traveled with her husband preaching, teaching and encouraging many. As a dynamic duo, they set hearts ablaze with a zeal to know HIM more. When God called her in the ministry, He said, “Your ministry will compliment your husband’s ministry and many shall know you both as one.” She is one who enjoys being a Woman of God.